When the map flooded at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, it did so with an interesting proposition. Unlike some other seasons, where we’re watching for the map to change v buck generator to see what direction the plot goes in, with this one we actually know what’s going to happen. The map is currently at its maximum flood, with only floating structures and the highest points peeking out over the water. As the season goes on, the water will recede, revealing something that looks a lot more like the Chapter 2, Season 2 map, but with some changes. Thanks to datamining, we can now see scope of those changes.

The first major shift in the water level happened this week, a relatively minor adjustment that leaves some areas with a little bit more land, looks like it reveals the rooftops of a few more houses stuck out on the land. Let’s take a look :

For the most part, this is the old map re-revealed, with Shadow taking residence at the center in the form of The Authority. The big change, pretty obviously, is “The Ruins” up in the Northwest corner, around where we used to have the plane crash and a little archipelago.

It would seem that The Ruins are a sort of Atlantean area, revealed by the retreating seas and, more than likely, somehow connected to Aquaman, who is hanging out around the battle pass menu in much the same way Deadpool was last season. I’m excited to see free v bucks generator them: the Chapter 1 map had all sorts of different aesthetic elements to it by the end, like the Gothic ice castle or the sun temple in the jungle. Chapter 2 was much more constrained at the beginning, but it seems like we might get the chance to slowly build out its weirdness in much the same way. We’ll see how long it takes to uncover this stuff.