Fortnite challenges are all about hitting targets, whether that’s with your guns, or with your body. Fortnite is asking players to land on three different bullseyes that are around the map, but unlike when this challenge showed up in season 3, there really are not all that many to choose from this time around.

So far, I’ve only actually found three, but I’m going to keep looking for more of them. They are pretty visible from the sky, but if you’re in a different part of the map when you jump from the bus, you may not see them at all.

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Here is a map I’ve come up with for where the current three bullseye locations are, and you’ll need to hit all of them for this challenge:


Of the three I’ve found, there is:

  • A Bullseye on a mesa at the very south of the desert area, easily visible compared to the other two.
  • A Bullseye just south east of Frosty Flights and south west of Polar Peak in the snow.
  • A Bullseye just north of the newly defrosted Greasy Grove, this is probably the hardest to spot in the air.

If there are any more of these, I haven’t found them yet, and if these three are all there are v buck generator, then you will have to land on all three of them in different games to complete the challenge. You can’t just go visit all the different spots on foot, you literally have to land there.